Articles: Using Green Oak

Green oak is often used as a constructional timber as beams. The timber is fresh cut from the log and as such will be subject to moisture movement as the wood naturally dries out. You’ll need to take this into account when using the timber.

As constructional grades of timber QPA and QP1 are ideal for almost anything you need to do including Trusses, Posts, Beams and any other constructional use. QPA is the highest grade of oak that we supply and has fewer knots than our other beam grades. QP1 is the second highest grade of green Oak and it has a few knots in it.

If you are thinking of building a garden structure like a Gazebo or Pergola we can supply them in kit form with all the joinery work pre-done. You can call us on 01889 579 281 to discuss these further with a member of our experienced team.

Oak is a great constructional resource because it is durable and naturally resistant to rot and infestation. This means that you get a top-quality product which will last for an exceptionally long time, whether used internally or externally.

You can buy green Oak which is not suitable for construction in the form of our Oak Sleepers. Sleepers are great for use in flower beds and as garden benches and other furniture. The sleepers are a lower grade than our constructional timbers because they are normally left to change naturally in the elements.

In some instances we can produce timber beams which have been machined to a specific spec (for example you might want a stop chamfer on your beam). In these instances, please call us to discuss your requirements and get a sketch of what you need ready.

Is Air Dried an option over Green Oak?

Yes, air dried oak is a good alternative to green oak and the air-dried constructional grade of oak we supply will have less movement than green oak because it has been left to dry for 1-3 years.

Because it isn’t fresh sawn, an Oak beam which has been air-dried, will have surface checks and cracks. This is completely normal and doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the wood. Even Fresh sawn Oak will develop cracks and surface checking over time.