Articles: Cost effective, traditional feather edge cladding

The most traditional form of cladding is feather edge because of the way the boards overlap and the rough sawn finish. This type of cladding is instantly recognisable and is frequently used as a low-cost way to clad sheds and garages.

We supply feather edge cladding in two standard profiles, however, we can get other profiles machined if you would like. For example, both of our standard profiles don’t have a rebate, but this is sometimes required by the customer. A rebate is a small square chunk taken out of the thicker end of the board.

The rebate is used to fit the thinner end of the board underneath without fully overlapping the boards. This half-overlapped technique makes your feather edge cladding feel like a T&G fit.

The boards are made from one piece of wood which is sawn diagonally along the thickness which is what makes it so cheap! For every two boards you are only paying for one and it is easier to set the boards up on the saw than to machine individual boards to a tongue and groove, shiplap or rainshield profile.

Cladding is one of the most traditional ways of cladding a building there is and its longevity proves its effectiveness. When fitted the boards are designed to allow water to run off to the ground without getting in behind the boards.

What accessories do I need to fit my Feather Edge Cladding?

When fitting feather edge cladding you will need other items to help you fix them. We supply a range of accessories to go with your cladding including:

  • Softwood Battens
    Used to fix your boards to the wall of your Building. When horizontally fixing your cladding (which is the norm with feather edge) you should install the battens vertically.
  • Fascia Boards
    Facia boards are used to box in the rafters at the top of the cladding.
  • Corner Pieces
    We supply one piece and two piece corner cladding. These are used to fit to the corner of your building to hide the gap between the cladding boards as the side of the building ends.

There are other cladding accessories that you might like to buy which we don’t supply such as:

  • Stainless steel screws/nails
    It’s important to use stainless steel when working with timber because the wood will corrode other metals making the screws go rusty which will in turn discolour the wood.
  • Breathable membrane
    The breathable membrane sits behind the feather edge cladding on the interior wall and helps to prevent moisture build up behind the boards helping to reduce the risk of damp building up in the building.

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