Articles: Why Shiplap Cladding is the Best There Is

Shiplap cladding offers slightly more protection from the elements than T&G because of a long running lip that runs across the face of the board. This allows water to drain away easier along the cladding helping to prevent It getting behind the boards. This lip makes shiplap only suitable for horizontal fitting otherwise the lip is useless.

The boards still fit together through a tongue and groove style profile so you get the maximum security, this is thanks to the boards not overlapping each other, making it more difficult to prise the shiplap cladding apart.

The lip within the profile is what makes this cladding a step above any other. It is carefully designed to allow moisture to run away from the timber rather than sticking to it, which makes it less likely that water will get between the boards.

Our Oak is ideal for outdoor use and is one of the most durable timbers we supply. The wood is naturally resistant to disease and infestation and requires very little maintenance. A lot of people choose to allow the timber to naturally turn silvery grey as it is exposed to UV light, however, you may wish to treat it to preserve the colour.

The Different Uses of Shiplap Cladding

There are many different uses for exterior shiplap cladding outside of the usual sheds, barn conversions and garages such as:

  • Exterior Gyms
  • Garden office
  • Wheelie Bin Covers (We realise these aren’t the most glamourous things to spend money on)

Cladding is one of the most traditional materials used for siding buildings and smaller structures so it will be great for anything you would like to build or renovate.

So when it comes to what cladding to use, just remember, if you want the best of the best then shiplap is definitely the way to go!