Articles: T and G Cladding Machined To Profile

We supply a wide range of T&G cladding by supplying five profiles for you to choose from in seven different species. Each species is suitable for outside use, however, we recommend that you treat them accordingly (you can find more information on treatment when selecting your cladding).

All of our T&G cladding profiles are designed to fit together through a tongue and groove mechanism with a 3mm gap between each board to allow for any movement. The design of each profile is to allow water to run away with reaching the interior wall of the building you are cladding.

Each profile has been designed to be versatile and easily fitted, so much so that all of the profiles apart from IWC5 can be fitted vertically or horizontally (IWC5 can only be fitted vertically). On the most part, the decision on which way to fit your cladding is up to you, so you get to decide what will work best for your building.

One of the most popular species we supply in tongue and groove is Western Red Cedar. The colour of the timber is one of the main draws as it varies from dark to light red and has minimal knots.

New T&G Cladding Available

There are now two new types of cladding that we have started to provide to go along with the new cladding section launch:

  • Charred Cladding
  • Tiga Cladding

Both of these are available as T&G cladding and we supply them in British Larch.

Charred Cladding is wood which is seared until it turns a charcoal colour and is then sealed with a Danish Oil.

Tiga Cladding is only slightly seared until the timber goes a bright orange and the grain goes black which gives this great looking cladding its name.

If you would like a different Charred or Tiga cladding profile to any of the ones available online get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.