Articles: The iWood Factor - The Timber Merchants with a Difference

iWood Timber Merchants - The iWood Factor!

At iWood, we are often asked what makes us different to the other online and offline timber merchants.

Our top answer, even above the broadest range of timber to buy online, is the quality of our delivered timber.  See our goals for more information on our ranges of species and products.

The more timber you have that can be used, the less wastage there is and the further your money goes. Timber that consistently suffers from any of the common defects (such as cupping, knots and shrinkage) delivered time and time again is going to give any company a bad name.

A Quality Timber Merchant

Some timber merchants will simply ship you out what’s in stock, no matter what state it’s in. Merchants that commonly do this aren’t usually concerned with repeat business and you might find you have a hard time getting things rectified, with staff not wanting to know.

A timber merchant that prides itself on delivering quality timber will have rigorous quality control procedures and mechanisms in place. These should include the timber merchant company buyers visiting the sawmills that the timber is imported from and hand-selecting the timber that they know their clients will be able to use.

Because this is a time-intensive process, prices may be a little higher from a reputable timber merchant, but you’ll be able to use 99% of the timber you receive, rather than 50-60% in some poor cases, for which you’ll end up paying more in the long run in time and money.

This you will find is the iWood Factor.

See also the iWood goals for more information on our ranges of species and products.