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Get a Rainbow Tiga Cladding price below.

Rainbow Tiga Cladding
Rainbow Tiga Cladding
Photo: Green Rainbow Tiga Cladding

You can price Rainbow Cladding below, just choose the profile and colour you would like and tell us how much you need. If you would like a different profile to the ones on offer just let us know and we’ll get a price back to you.

1) Click to choose a Rainbow Tiga Cladding profile

IWC1 T&G 145mm (135 face) x 19mm
IWC1 T&G 145mm (135 face) x 19mm
IWC2 T&G 95mm (88 face) x 19mm
IWC2 T&G 95mm (88 face) x 19mm
IWC6 Ship-lap 145mm (135 face) x 19mm
IWC6 Ship-lap 145mm (135 face) x 19mm
IWC8 Rainshield 142mm (138 face) x 19mm
IWC8 Rainshield 142mm (138 face) x 19mm
IWC9 Feather-edged 200mm (175 face)
IWC9 Feather-edged 200mm (175 face)

2) We offer Rainbow Tiga Cladding in the following grades:

Blue Rainbow
Stained Blue charred cladding.
Green Rainbow
Stained Green charred cladding.
Orange Rainbow
Stained Orange charred cladding.
Red Rainbow
Stained Red charred cladding.
Yellow Rainbow
Stained Yellow charred cladding.

3) How much Rainbow Tiga Cladding do you need?
Square Metres Linear Metres
Supplied in lengths of 1.8m and longer
How to measure for cladding?
Example Pricing
Priced from £91.69 ex. VAT (£110.03 inc. VAT) per square metre (Profile: IWC9 Feather-edged Cladding - Grade: Yellow - 1m 2)

Rainbow Tiga Cladding

Rainbow Tiga cladding is a brand new product which is now available to buy on the iWood website. This cladding is suitable for both external and internal use and is available in an array of colours including:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Yellow

The effect of the wood is created by first slightly charring it to the effect of our Tiga Wood Cladding and then applying the appropriate stain to get the colour you would like. The timber is then treated with a UV protection oil in order to preserve the colour. You will need to maintain and continually treat your timber on a yearly basis so that the colour is maintained otherwise it will fade when in contact with UV light if fitted outdoors.

The timber used for our Rainbow Tiga Cladding is predominantly British Larch however other timbers are available upon request if required. British Larch is a durable softwood which is good for outdoor use and can be easily machined or sawn into any of the available profiles.

Your cladding will be charred and stained on one side and two edges so the none finished ends and sides should be hidden when fitting. We can also supply accessories to match the colour of your cladding for the best effect.

Due to the amount of work that goes into our charred and coloured cladding products we are working on 4-6 week lead time as they are all machined, charred and stained to order. We supply this cladding in random lengths 1.8m and longer. If you require fixed lengths please contact us and we’ll check the availability on the lengths you require.

Fitting Guidance

Our Rainbow Tiga Wood Cladding is designed to be installed by a professional with previous experience in successfully fitting cladding who understands how timber can expand and contract. The information here is provided as an overview only and is not a substitute for professional fitting advice.

Breathable Membrane

Consult a fitter to determine if your scenario would require the fitting of a breathable membrane between your wall and the cladding. This membrane stops rain getting to the wall, but allows moisture to escape, helping to prevent internal condensation and mould that can come with it. If you choose our Rainshield profile, ie. IWC8, you will most probably need a membrane as a gap is purposely left around the cladding.

Treated Softwood Battens

Treated softwood battens (available from our cladding accessories pages) are most commonly used to fix to the wall (or on top of the breathable membrane) to then fix your cladding to. If you are fixing your cladding horizontally, your battens need to be placed vertically, at around every 600mm (60cm), and vice versa.


The method of fixing depends on the profile you choose. You can fix with nails or screws, but whichever method you choose, make sure you use stainless steel or another type which will not be corroded by the natural acids in the timber. Never use iron fixings with timber.

If using screws, we recommend pre-drilling the timber and holding the cladding on with the head of the screw. If nailing (again, don't use iron), use a nail with quite a large head so the cladding doesn't pull through.

If you opt for a Feather Edge profile, ie. IWC9 or IWC10, start at the bottom of the building and use some extra batten to hold the bottom of the bottom board out from the building. Feather Edge cladding is for horizontal fixing only.

If you choose a tongue and groove profile, make sure the tongue is at the top, otherwise moisture will sit in the groove. We sometimes alter the profiles that are available in Tiga Wood finish. Profiles IWC1 to IWC4 can be fit horizontally or vertically, IWC5 can only be fit vertically so water doesn't sit in the channel.

Rainshield cladding should only be fitted horizontally with a gap of around 3mm.

As already stated, these are just ideas to get you thinking about installation and you should consult a professional installer before fitting your cladding as every scenario is different.

Rainbow Tiga Wood Cladding Treatment

As standard, your Rainbow Tiga Wood cladding comes pre-treated with a Danish oil.

If left without annual re-treatment with UV protection oil, weathering will very slowly take the wood back to its natural appearance. To maintain the seared finish, an application of UV protection oil is recommended every year, such as the OSMO 420 UV protector.

What do our customers say?
Used before. Good value and good service.
- Julian Green

Having just had a delivery of Siberian Larch cladding for my garage, I have to leave a review. From the fantastic website, through the simple ordering peocess, the excellent written and verbal communication to the great quality of the product itself, I have nothing but praise for this company. I will DEFINITELY buy again for my extension and will recommend to anyone that needs feature timber.
- Lee Green

The quality of the kiln dried oak you sent looks really good & some of the best I have seen in my 9 years of being self employed, so thank you very much for that
- Glenn

You were recommended by my builder
- Catherine Hilditch

Well priced and easy to order.
- Alan Rumbles

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Architect / Design Specify
Product Code: IW-18-58-50-11
Specify: Blue Rainbow External Cladding Rainbow Tiga Cladding from iWood Timber
Product Code: IW-18-58-51-11
Specify: Green Rainbow External Cladding Rainbow Tiga Cladding from iWood Timber
Product Code: IW-18-58-53-11
Specify: Orange Rainbow External Cladding Rainbow Tiga Cladding from iWood Timber
Product Code: IW-18-58-52-11
Specify: Red Rainbow External Cladding Rainbow Tiga Cladding from iWood Timber
Product Code: IW-18-58-54-11
Specify: Yellow Rainbow External Cladding Rainbow Tiga Cladding from iWood Timber

Some commonly asked questions

Delivery times

Our timber is imported straight from sawmills on the continent. Our usual lead times are therefore 4-6 weeks.

What are your delivery costs?

We calculate our delivery costs based on how far away you are from us, to get more information on this please check out our shipping costs page HERE.

How do I receive a delivery?

Our timber deliveries can sometimes be heavy, for this reason you'll either need your own equipment or available person-power to unload your delivery.

How do I place an order for cladding?

You can place your order online by working out your price above and adding your items to your shopping basket. You can then check out and your order will be processed securely and a confirmation email sent. Once your order arrives in our depot, we'll give you a call to arrange delivery.

Can I Order Samples?

Yes you can, you can order samples of certain timbers at www.iwood.co.uk/sample-request/. If the species you need isn't there please give us a call or talk to us on our online chat.

The timbers shown are planed all round samples and are not profiled.

Still Have Questions?

Call our seasoned sales team on 01889 597281.

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